Newsletter Placement


Promote your product, services, event or video to a targeted list of over 800 residents in Nassau and Suffolk County straight to their inbox.

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Why purchase a Newsletter Placement?

  • Our newsletter reaches 1,000+ subscribers on Long Island
  • Expose your business to new customers and sales that will cover the cost of what you’re spending
  • Our email open rate averages at about 30%, much higher than the industry standard
  • Get detailed analytics on how many people saw and clicked on your ad


How It Works

  1. Purchase the Newsletter Placement product.
  2. Send us your advertisement in a JPG or PNG format, no larger than 800 x 800 pixels. Video ads must be linked to a YouTube or Vimeo channel.
  3. Our team will work with you to place your advertisement in an upcoming newsletter.
  4. After your ad has been published, we’ll send you an analytics breakdown so you can see how your ad did.